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Interview with AQUA LAND UNIQ HAN CEO Natalie Han


I came to Myanmar in 1990 for the first time. I became familiar with Myanmar people to assist their business related with Korea. I am so interested in Myanmar to travel all over the nation and realize that Myanmar is filled with much possibility. I trade more than 1,000 brands from Korea. These items are Top Brands in Korea and …

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Interview with Dr. Khin Shwe (CEO)


For a better friendship between the two countries, thank you for your interview with <MyanKore> English magazine. You have a very deep relation with Korea? I have been to Korea so many times. Personally, I have visited Korea more than 50 times. Before I became a senator of the parliament, I had been a chairman of the Myanmar Korea Friendship …

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Free Talking about Myanmar BUSINESS

Myankore Februar 2016 Vol 4-182

Si Thu Maw(General Manager / Ministry of Industry)   I have been trying to build relationships  with  the  Korean  companies. We have Korean technicians at our company.  They  have  very  detailed plans  on  how  to  execute  our  projects.  They,  however,  do  not  quite understand about Myanmar culture. This  cultural  differences  on  attitude  often  create  misunderstanding. ometimes we have a cultural …

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