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Monday,April,22, 2019

Centenary of Myanmar Contemporary Art Exposition

Myanmar’s contemporary art has turned in its 100 years in 2018 since its movement begun in 1918 by Myanmar artists who had returned from Britain. In order to mark its centenary, Myanmar contemporary art exposition was held at the National Theatre in Yangon from February 27 to March 4. In the event, not only the paintings of professional artists but also sculptures and installation arts were displayed.

Maung Maung Soe (Yangon Mayor)

For contemporary art, we need to make more steps starting from this initial point. Organizers and artists are thankful for that event. They have handed down the contemporary art to generations. I found that this event is organized systematically. Not only does this event give the people opportunity to enjoy the arts in one place but also it is beneficial to country.

Mar Lar (Artist)

It is to mark the centenary of the contemporary art movement. Besides, I could not participate in the next events, so I have displayed our paintings here.

Moe Kyaw Thant (Artist)(International Relation Officer)

Burma Art Club founded Myanmar Painting and Sculpture Association in 1918. Today’s event is to show our gratitude to those senior artists. It is aimed to mark the centenary of Myanmar Contemporary Art movement, and to hand it down to the young generations. Moreover, Myanmar arts will be known in local and abroad. This event is meant to raise the national prestige by revealing our arts.

More than 1000 paintings of sculpture including watercolour painting, oils, acrylics and pencil drawings of late artists, professional artists and young artists throughout the country were displayed at the event. One foreign installation artist also displayed his artwork which was created in Chinese words.
Poe De Lone (Artist) Officer In Charge of Information

We want to reveal our arts and the efforts of Myanmar artists to the world.

Mar Lar (Artist)

I had an idea of doing this painting several years ago. In the time of our forebear, people used to talk over pot of tea. But, I noticed that this custom has not revealed on painting. Royal people, after their conference, used to discuss over pot of tea with their friends for advice. Even listeners would gain knowledge from them. I had forgotten this custom. Later, I hit an idea to paint this custom.

Maung Maung Soe (Yangon Mayor)

In the past, the artists were doing under the restrictions. Today, they have freedom. They are on the track of success depending on their creation. Not to mention the arts, it is said to be the contemporary of the history of Myanmar’s socio-economy.

Myanmar art is divided into six eras since cave paintings of Stone Age were discovered. These six eras are the prehistoric or Pyu era, Bagan, Nyaung Yan, Konebaung, Yadanabon Mandalay and 20th century Myanmar art.

Moe Kyaw Thant (Artist)(International Relation Officer)

It is attended by members and non-members of Myanmar Painting and Sculpture Association. We have also invited professional artists, young artists and foreign students to this event.

Poe De Lone (Artist) Officer In Charge of Information

It is heartened to see that many young artists as well as their parents take part in it.
Moe Kyaw Thant (Artist)(International Relation Officer)

In some foreign countries, the art of painting has been prescribed in school’s curriculum for about 300 years. Pursuing art contributes to good studying in other subjects. Children will improve their concentration. They will become well-disciplined; want to do something until it is achieved. It cultivates their positive thinking and good behaviour.

Don Wright (Installation Art / Sculptures) Scotland

The art of painting is said to be a bridge that connect between the souls of people. Good inspiration of artist produces a good creation of artwork. These artworks play an essential role in representing the culture and custom of one nation that has been developed throughout the history.

Thein Naing (Professional Carving & Decoration Artists)

Ice sculpture has never been exhibited together with art show in Yangon. I will display ice sculpture, paper cutting, fruit sculpture. Chocolate art cannot be displayed because of hot weather. In fruit sculpture, fruits are carved into flower, human face or natural scene. We are also interested in fruit sculpture which is carved into human face or natural scene. Depending on the colours of rind and pulp, fruits are carved into 2D or 3D sculpture.

Yi Mon May (Installation Art) Made in Myanmar

Our General is an icon of our country. I hit an idea to make a replica of his house in Natmauk because nobody has done it yet before. That’s why I made this little house. It is mainly made with ice-lolly sticks and mat flooring. The corrugated iron roof is made with aluminum foil tape. For thatch-roof, I cut toddy palm fans wove them after soaking in the water. My skill is nothing compared to other artworks of professionals. However skillful or not, everyone is invited to this event. As for me, I am very glad that the viewers are interested in my artworks and show their recognition to my effort.

Mi San (Visitor)

I really appreciate that this Centenary of Myanmar’s Contemporary Art exposition is held in grand scale under the permission of the government, and opened by Mayor.

This centenary of Myanmar’s contemporary art exposition will contribute towards handing down Myanmar arts and crafts to young generations. Moreover, through this event, it is expected to discover and preserve the ancient cultural heritage and raise the prestige of country in the world.