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Monday,April,22, 2019

Making the world where people is first with truth and sincerity For Myanmar to be a country with President Win Myint

President Win Myint took office. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who professed her role beyond the president, represented Myanmar at home and abroad and exercised her power, but the evaluation of her governance over the past two years is not so favorable. Her immediate task is to control the administration, advance peace with minorities, to initiate amendments to the Constitution internally, and to resolve the Rakhine Crisis externally. In her third year at the government, her choice is President Win Myint.
Myanmar has almost only political operating system in the world with “one roof two family, coalition government”. In Myanmar where the military and civilian government are coexisting together, the president and the head of the army are the two main axis. The table is different and the military does not receive budget control. Like the Thai military, the Myanmar military operates its own economy and companies to maintain its military. Formally, the two leadership of President Win Myint and Senior General Min Aung Hlaing should have to work hand in hand and lead Myanmar’s change.

The outlook is not bright. A canyon still lay between them. This is because the inaugural address of the president and the congratulatory address of senior general are in conflict. The incumbent president took out the constitutional amendment like former president ‘s new year address, and the Tatmadaw declared to protect the constitution and to face action about critics of armed forces. In the end, President Win Myint’s constitutional amendment card will stimulate the military, and the both sides who have been far from cooperating in the past two years, are forced to go further and further. In the end of 2016, Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech, hand in hand with the military and crony companies that have joined with it, is no longer valid for Myanmar to move forward. The military has demonstrated their influence by inviting retired generals, including former president Thein Sein on the last Armed Forces Day.

The biggest challenge for Myanmar’s change is Nay Phi Taw. It is a swamp in a sense. No matter what you do to Myanmar from foreign countries, if you go to Nay Pyi Taw, you will flounder in the mud. Nobody knows when permission or approval is given, and the documents are piled up with dust. The war with time begins. The problem is that the civil government and the military are not chemically integrated. Even if instructions from the minister are not taken at the part of director general or permanent secretary from the military, the work will not go well. The bigger challenge is the fate of moving around departments and departments. Even if the foreign country organizations donate in Myanmar, they have to go through all the related departments. Corruption still remains. In February, the reason for the failure of American law firm was attributed to the inactive government. They specifically did not understand the specificities of the physiology and human relationships of the NPT government officials.

The future of Myanmar is expected to change according to the way president Win Myint is paving. As the leader of Myanmar where Aung San Suu Kyi is the most trusted, he became the president to lead Myanmar people. Having received more votes from minorities than his predecessor, he will step forward to building a peace, Myanmar’s top priority. He will be more proactive in resolving the Rakhine situation that has caused Myanmar to fall in the international community. The most sensitive issue in Myanmar, both internally and externally, will be more aggressively ahead as a president, as he strictly applies to military lawmakers when he is a speaker.

But the most worrying part is the constitutional amendment card. Just as Myanmar does not allow any concessions and compromises on the crisis of the Rakhine, the military will maintain the same stance in the constitutional amendment. How will he bridge between both gorges? This homework left for President Win Myint seems to require a decision for the whole of Myanmar nation beyond Aung San Suu Kyi. Without China’s democratization process, the Communist Party is competing against the US with supremacy, and Vietnam is also making its own world. I am convinced that Myanmar will be able to create Myanmar civilization in the 21st century through Myanmar’s unique national operating system and spiritual world and donation culture based on Buddhism. As China dreams of realizing Chinese dream in 2050 through the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, can Myanmar be able to regain its dream of the Millennium of the Bagan Empire in 2044, which is faster than China on the basis of MeTTa Capitalism (arwÅmt&if;&Sif0g’)

President Win Myint used to be a lawyer just like President Moon Jae-In. His journey of life was like a road to democracy and human rights like President Moon. Moon Jae-in Leadership is now attracting the attention of the world beyond Korea. His truth and sincerity to realize a world where people is first is to overcome all sorts of variables and lead the South, North Korea and America summit talks to promote sustainable peace and comprehensive harmony. The Korea with Moon Jae-In is the same as Myanmar with Aung San Suu Kyi. President Win Myint is responsible for regaining her brand and reputation in the international community and restoring the image of Myanmar. He is the right person to do together as a bridge between the government and the armed forces, going forward hand in hand for Myanmar and Myanmar people. If President Win Myint thinks Myanmar people first to break through the domestic and foreign situations with truth and sincerity, I am sure Myanmar with Win Myint will be coming.