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Monday,April,22, 2019

Top International Fashion Designer Ma Pont Her success Story

My Favorite Collection

Ma Pont has been creating best designs for many years as a successful designer. In 1994, she started her business, “My Favorite Collection”, after she passed the matriculation exam since she is so fascinated in this career. She made an effort learning everything concerning with the fashion.
She had to anything
by herself

She faced lots of difficulties and troubles on learning fashion because internet cannot be used easily. She searched design catalogues from abroad and she had to learn fashion designs from the fashion channels via satellite.

Her lifetime job, designer

Creating designs never fails her. She loves her profession. Though she was not old and skilled enough to open her shop, she determined to launch the fashion shop and devote her life to her career.

The first step of journey to success
It was the apartment of Tarmwe Plaza where she started the fashion shop. At that time, the famous model Tin Moe Lwin, U Peter and other makeup experts also opened their shops. It was so challenging as a junior designer because models came to her so often.

The great success

The Chin traditional clothes worn by actress Thet Mon Myint at the Academy ceremony became famous among the Myanmar people. This design and pattern she chose for her is so hot among the people and they named that “Thet Mon Myint dress”.

Success Shows and Prizes
in Asia

She displayed her designs making shows at Sedona Hotel, Asian Fashion Week in Japan and Thailand. And she attended “Asia Next Top Models” displayed in Korea. Miss Universe Zun Than Sin won the position of title at that contest with Myanmar traditional dress “Cheik” designed by her.

Maintain Myanmar Traditional

She usually creates that dresses beautifully maintaining the original frame of Myanmar traditional culture. She always explains how beautiful Myanmar traditional dresses are and encourages the youngsters to wear Myanmar traditional dresses proudly anywhere across the world. Some students take the degree abroad wearing Myanmar traditional “Cheik” dresses gracefully.

Plan for Youths

She has a plan to share hand in hand younger generation her knowledge on fashion. Most people came to understand that well-cut clothes from tailors or designers are more beautiful, attractive, and fit as well than ready- made clothes.
So, she will share her knowledge as her life remembrance with volition.

Her suggestions for us

She finally suggests to the youngsters that the fashion plays an important role 50% for a person in our daily life. A person cannot be perfect physically without fashion and will fail to make others impress at first sight. She also suggests that our people should wear fashionably according to the weather condition instead of imitating others’ fashion in a direct way.